Please help us understand your requirements so we can develop products that meet the needs of the startup ecosystem. This survey has been put together by MBA students at the London Business School and should take less that 30 seconds to complete.
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Twelve Ronnies have a toolset to help founders/Inventors launch a business successfully. These range from understanding and protecting the intellectual property of the idea through to showcasing it for feedback prior to building expensive products. We also offer a matchmaking service to team founder/inventors with mentors who have a proven track record in launching successful businesses.
Mentor Match
Matching Founder/Inventors with Mentors to launch a successful Startup
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Ideas Nest
Showcasing your Ideas
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Ideas Vault
Storing and Sharing your IP Securely
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Crowdsourcing Ideas and Innovation
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Ideas Incubator
New on-line Incubator for launching a startup successfully
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Assessing and Protecting your Intellectual Property
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University IP Ranking
Student Entrepreneurs University Ranking
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Entrepreneurs Patch
Crowdfunding your Startup launch
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Smart Startup
Smart Contracts for Startups
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