If you're ready to launch your business and have the funding in place for the initial phase, 12Ronnies offer a paid-for-service to help founders put a launch plan together with a full roadmap and costings from service providers. If would like to apply, click below:

Twelve Ronnies have a toolset to help founders/Inventors launch a business successfully. These platforms have been designed by different ‘Ronnies’ to solve particular problems in the early stage of an idea or startup. Some naturally overlap but all play a part in taking a founder on their journey to launching their startup successfully.
Mentor Match
Matching Founders, Mentors and Co-founders
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Founders and Mentors
Our community of founders, mentors, entrepreneurs and creators
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Ideas Nest
Showcasing and Validating Ideas
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UK University IP Ranking
Student Entrepreneurs University IP Ranking
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Innovation Prize Competitions
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The Co-founder Club
Find and network with startups looking for co-founders
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