We take entrepreneurs on a journey to launching a successful business

Many businesses starting out fail because the founding team concentrate on building products instead of validating their ideas with customers first. They often run out of cash because of lack of sales or poor planning. At 12Ronnies we tackle these issues head on by coaching business founders on how to validate ideas and helping them build launch plans. These two steps are supported by a global community of business founders, experts and mentors. As a non-profit, we subsidise our services to founders.

Startup Challenges

I think I have a great idea, but I don’t have a lot of time or money… How do I take my idea to the next level without risking all that I have? 

People love my idea and I have customers waiting for me to deliver, but I don’t know how to launch my business… How do I avoid expensive mistakes?

I’m passionate about my business idea, but I know I don’t have the network, experience, or skills to take it to the finish line… Where can I get help I can trust?


If you’re not sure where you are in your journey to starting a business, take our short Startup Quiz and we’ll guide you to the next step.


Community of Founders, Co-founders, Mentors, Advisors and Service Providers. Join us for events, networking and find people like you.


Validate Idea

Don't waste your time making a product that people don't want. Rather gather evidence of a customer need first.

Plan Launch

Create a killer launch plan with known startup costs and position your business for long-term success.

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Launching your business to customers

We are a philanthropic foundation dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and startup teams launch successful businesses and avoid the common mistakes that lead to failure. We service all industry sectors with a focus on launching bootstrapped startups to customers. As a non-profit, we subsidise our services to founders.